Is Pinterest Right For Your Business?

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Pinterest Is A Visual Network

People (mostly women) come to Pinterest for eye-candy. The most popular topics being:

  • food
  • home decor
  • beauty (new hairstyles)
  • fitness
  • fashion
  • weddings
  • children’s clothing
  • home cleaning tips
  • photography
  • celebrities
  • animals
  • parenting tips

With that in mind, you can probably tell if your business can benefit from Pinterest. If you don’t have a visual business, you’ll probably have a lot of trouble gaining traction here.

Pinning Photos That Gain Traffic

If your business does sound right for it though, then you’ll want to make sure you post creative, shareable photos. You’ll want to post images that are original, hopefully, pictures that someone in your business took (or your photographer).

This is an example of an image that would be good for Pinterest:


It’s great to have a professional photo, but it’s better to have one that’s interesting. This particular photo catches your attention because a power outlet in a drawer is such a convenient (and unconventional) idea. It works even though it wasn’t taken by a professional photographer.

If you can capture an idea like this, you’re sure to gain a ton of repins, which increases traffic to your site.

Bland corporate photos can still work if the content is substantial (ie. you’re showcasing a really beautiful kitchen), but professional creative shots gain more attention.

If your business remodels kitchens, you’ll want to showcase a more abnormal feature (such as the above image) that housewives will drool over, and then pin!

Because Pinterest is all about value, you’ll find that giving some special attention to your photos will bring huge rewards of traffic.

The question isn’t so much “Is Pinterest Right For Your Business?” as it is “Is your business right for Pinterest?” 

So which is it?

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