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2 Year Case Study

ANU Logo

Building Canada’s Strongest
Surrogate Support Network

The Birth of
The Surrogate Sisterhood

Our Roles:

Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
Social Media Advertising
Content Development
Video Production
Search Engine Optimization

Important Stats ↓

220% Increase

Egg Donor

300% Increase


85% Increase

Overall Sales
Vs Previous Year


Overarching problem:

There is a deep imbalance between Intended Parents and Surrogates: for every 100 couples who can’t have children, there’s only 1 Surrogate.

For Intended Parents to be successful, ANU needed to find a way to exponentially increase the number of surrogates.

Deeper problem:

Women fear abandonment during surrogacy.  They are not supported by the agency that connected them with the Intended Parent.


Get more surrogates in order to meet demand.


We created targeted ads on social platforms that were anchored to a new website that nurtured and converted the prospects through a series of quizzes, guides, drip emails, & direct communication.

ANU needed a brand that could communicate both the softness and resiliency of motherhood. We created a new logo, fonts, and colour palette and used that foundation throughout digital and non-digital marketing paths.

Using all of the information we learned in our discovery session with Lorraine, we sought to build a truly surrogate-centric web presence for them. With all of the different platforms available today for marketing, their website is the central portal for all of the marketing activity to run through.

Lead Magnet
One thing we felt was necessary for surrogates was thorough education. So we wrote and designed a variety of materials to help inform potential surrogates about the entire process.

Social Ad Campaigns
While ANU Fertility runs their own Facebook page, OYT manages all Social advertising campaigns.


Here are the campaigns we’ve run for ANU Fertility so far. All have had great results:

Surrogates: 50x Increase in Leads, 10x Increase in Conversions
Ongoing lead-generation (email capture)
426,634 people reached
1,221,066 impressions
11,053 actions
1,262 emails captured

Egg Donors: 2x Increase in Leads, 10x Increase in Conversions
Ongoing lead-generation (email capture)
239,054 people reached
771,273 impressions
4,314 actions
205 emails captured

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