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2 Year Case Study:

Rescue Canada

A Lifesaver is not just

multi-coloured candy.

Our Roles:

Marketing Strategy
Brand Development
eCommerce Build
Content Development
Registration Management
Search Engine Optimization

Important Stats ↓

30% Increase

2 Years in a Row

100% Increase


50% Decrease

Administrative Phone Calls
Vs Previous Year


Rescue Canada is Canada’s most experienced safety & rescue training provider.

Unfortunately, when they first came to us, their website was far from what they needed. It was disorganized, difficult to navigate, and didn’t have online registration or payment. There wasn’t a call-to-action, either – how were students supposed to get started?

Organizing and facilitating courses for police, fire, and SAR first responders across Canada, Rescue Canada needed a central hub they could drive sales through. One that would help potential students find the exact course they needed to become certified.

On the administrative side, Rescue Canada was constantly bombarded with inquiry calls – which course do I need? How much is it? Where is the course being held? When?

They clearly needed a solution that answered these questions and more.


  • Create a website that clearly defines who Rescue Canada is and who it’s for
  • Allow users to easily identify and sign-up for courses
  • Give as much information as possible so potential students are set-up for success
  • Redesign their logo to better illustrate their professional aesthetic


At the start, we gained a clear understanding of Rescue Canada’s target customer segment.

Their previous focus was aimed towards search & rescue organizations. This segment had no growth, as their market share was already substantial. So we identified their true customer segment as first responders – most notably from the fire department.

The second step? Recreating their logo and fleshing out their brand. This would improve recognition, build trust, and support their advertising initiatives.

The iconic logo was then used throughout their organization, both online and off.


The ultimate goal for the website was to:

  • Increase course registrations.
  • Reduce administrative inefficiencies.
  • Support a new eCommerce component.
  • Simplify user experience.


A Sparkly-New Site
Their new website has:

  • Easy navigation
  • Compelling call-to-actions
  • A mobile-friendly build
  • Structured & organized content

A Nifty eCommerce Component

To streamline their course registration and up the potential volume of new students, we built them an online registration and payment system. It’s easy to use and cuts phone calls and paperwork in half.

The payment system ensures that deposits are paid at the same time as registration.

A Fresh Logo

Their aesthetic needed to reflect the core of their business. Being a government-type organization, their brand had to be refreshed and made to illustrate their professionalism.

We gave them a logo with simple, clean lines to accomplish this.

Rescue Canada Logo