The Web has changed a lot over the last decade, yet essential elements remain the same. In those days, every site had a header, footer, sidebar and content area. It was the expected layout for the web. However, current web design is anything but fixed. It can flex, change and adapt to just about anything it needs to be. This is one of the biggest benefits of ‘responsive’ web designs. It’s the ‘new normal’ that there appears to be no fixed formula at all. Whether desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, It looks and works great on any device. There are some trends that are currently fashionable, though:

Split Screens: If you have two things to promote of equal importance, two languages, two brands. You can have a vertical split-screen to get two sites at one location.

No Dividing Lines: The landing page looks like a photograph with some minor text to lead the way. Very simple and elegant.

Grid Structure: if you have lots to show right off the bat, the landing page can be divided many ways to emphasize a variety of interests at all at once.

No Scroll Bars: No matter the viewer’s screen size, the page always fills the screen.


Website Layout is one of the most important aspects for creative and innovative web designs. It grabs the attention of the user and gives them an instant idea of who you are as a brand, all within moments of arriving at your site. A good layout gives a clean appearance to the website while allowing users to easily navigate the page. Your layout should grab the attention of users so they’re interested in the content while not being overwhelmed by options. Attractive and easy to use. You want to be able to offer a site with an innovative, original layout that enhances the visitor’s experience by tending to their needs. What does your target demographic want to see first? How can you effectively communicate your company’s message to users? What can you include in your layout designs that will keep people engaged and coming back for more?

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