Just as the front of your company building needs to keep looking in tip-top shape, you’ll also need to ensure the online face of your business is seamless and easy to navigate. Having a fast-loading, streamline website that is attractive and stays constant with your branding is just as important as wearing your best blazer to an interview. If you can’t be found online or if your website is outdated, your customers will seek services and products from your competitors.

One Yellow Tree will ensure your site is sticky so your customers don’t bounce. Let us design you a beautiful and responsive website that clearly communicates your business brand and mission.

Responsive & Mobile Website Design

Mobile Web Design Chilliwack

We specialize in developing responsive websites that look and perform great on any device from desktop to tablet to smartphone. Regardless of demographic and industry, your audience is mobile and and an easy-to-navigate website is a must. Users constantly land on your website, and it’s often the first impression of your business. If you’re web design is outdated or difficult to navigate, they will move on to your competitor.

Make your website sticky so your customers don’t bounce. With a user-friendly design that is attractive and supportive of your business’ branding, you’ll stand out and be memorable.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Chilliwack Search Engine Optimization

A professionally constructed optimized site is the absolute foundation of any SEO and internet marketing campaign. All One Yellow Tree Chilliwack web design projects are built with a strong emphasis in onsite search engine optimization. From metadata to copywriting to content SEO web designs will have your business ranking high on search engines so you get more customers to your website. We use analytics to tailor your business’ website SEO.

Website Speed Optimization


Both customers and Google reward attention to detail. Often if a site doesn’t load in under three seconds, most will give up, close the window, and try another website. Losing a customer over website load speed can be detrimental to your revenue, especially if it happens often. Our enterprise-level optimized hosting ensures your website loads quickly, and your site is never down. To satisfy your thirst for speed we also offer a CDN option.

Universal Platforms


We don’t own your website content – you do. Which is why we specialize in developing with WordPress and Joomla, the most popular and accessible web publishing platforms in the world. These content management systems allow you the option for full control of your content, if you want it. And because they are constantly updated and maintained, they offer great, up-to-date security features to help keep your website and content under guard at all times.