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Website Forms

The input form is an essential element of almost any website or application these days. Visitor input is a core method of interaction and, in many cases, it represents the hard conversion point between sales success and failure.

With the amount of time and effort put into bringing users to sign-up and contact forms, it’s critical that forms be friendly, inviting, easy to understand, easy to use and elegantly designed.

Web forms don’t have to be boring…or annoying. They should be as simple as possible so as not to intimidate visitors while avoiding impressions of privacy abuse.

Surveys are a better way to acquire visitor data information voluntarily. CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Tests to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) systems are often a necessary feature to prevent spam, but also adds to the effort required to complete the form.

There is some form function faux pas to avoid, a biggie is wholesale form system rejection because of a user’s single field error. If someone has spent time filling out a large form only to be thwarted when the form rejects a single field, and is facing with starting over from a blank form – that’s frustrating, and could easily cause them to give up, leave the site and never come back.

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