Analytics = Accountability.

Web analytics is about understanding how customers interact with your marketing.

  • Where did your customers come from?
  • How many phone calls did my Google ads drive?
  • Which topics on your site have the most traffic (a great compass for knowing which areas to expand on).

Analytics can prove a return on investment (ROI) by verifying that for $X invested, there is a return of $XX worth of sales confirmed.

Just knowing your web traffic is so 1997. Analytics can tell you almost unlimited things about your visitors if you know how to use it. It can be used:

  • for business and market research
  • to assess and suggest improvements for a website.
  • to track the value of investments in external marketing efforts such as traditional print, broadcast advertising and social media campaigns.
  • to estimate how web traffic changes when new products, advertising campaigns, content marketing or social media engagements are launched or when market conditions change.
  • to tell you information like numbers of visitors to your website, which pages they visit, how long they stay on the site, and much more.

Analytics tells us:

  • if your content is connecting with your customers
  • if your sales copy is actually persuading people to do business with you.
  • what needs improvement to accomplish your sales goals

One Yellow Tree has analytics down to a fine art.

We can data mine marketing efforts and actions and distill it down to understandable trends.

Confirmation and optimization of business Return On Investment (ROI) is the ultimate goal.

  • Is your website content engaging enough?
  • Are social media campaigns working?
  • Are chosen AdWords keywords resulting in effective conversions and search engine rankings?
  • Which videos, blogs, presentations, newsletters, photographs, SEO efforts are working and which need tuning?

Without reliable analytic feedback, marketing evaluation is impossible and website management is running blind. Depend on One Yellow Tree analytics to optimize your business presence and effectiveness throughout your chosen marketplace.