Quality print design is key to establishing a brand or identity that your existing or potential clients will recognize and remember.

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Humans are the world’s best pattern-recognition machines.

We’ve evolved to recognize the danger in a jungle, familiar faces in a crowd, objects in clouds and famous figures in potato chip shapes.

It’s an amazing ability to spot, store and associate patterns, relative spaces and common elements that have given us language, puzzle-solving, and sports abilities.

Imagine a pro-football quarterback needing to successfully pass a football to a teammate all while several 300-pound linemen are determined to rip him limb-from-limb.

Patterns of moving players learned from repeated experience lets the quarterback pass the ball within the two or three ’steamboats’ it takes to be crushed.

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Quality Print Design

Quality print design is key to establishing a brand identity that your customers will recognize and remember.

One thing is clear – the ability to recognize patterns is what gave humans their evolutionary edge over animals.

It’s also what, up until recently, has preserved our superiority over machines.

In an age of computers beating us at Chess, Go and Jeopardy, along with self-driving cars, how we refine, shape and improve our pattern recognition instincts will be key to how much longer we’ll have an evolutionary edge over machines.

Make sure your brand is recognizable (in a good way) with our quality print media design service.

One Yellow Tree designs print advertisements in ways that are appealing in composition, colour palette, contrast, and foreground/background relationships.

It’s all in the details.

We can’t fool the human mind into being attracted to a design that is fundamentally flawed. One Yellow Tree endeavours to work with our pattern recognition instincts, not against them. That will best serve to curate your audience.

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