Who are your biggest clients?

Do you have a client or customer who would be worth mentioning on your website to help build credibility for your brand? If you do, then make sure you prominently display them on your site. When new customers come rolling in, they’ll see the types of other clients you service, which will breed familiarity and trust for you.

This is similar to having a testimonial from the brand, except you’re just associating yourself with them, rather than showing off a review.

Companies have done this for forever with sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, as well as doing it online in the manner described above.

After all, we both know that you wouldn’t be drinking Pepsi-Cola if the young Britney Spears from this 2002 commercial wasn’t drinking it. She’s youthful, right?

People are familiar with Britney Spears. By starring her in a commercial, and showing that she “approves” of their product, people then, by default, become familiar with Pepsi.

Familiarity = sales.

It needs to be said again:

Familiarity = SALES

Drop someone’s name that people are familiar with, and customers magically become familiar with you.

Examples Of Name Droppers (Online & Offline)

Optimizely (the A/B split testing company that we mentioned in our last post) uses their customer list to showcase their credibility:

Tesla Motors: In this video featured on the Tesla Motors website, you can see how Tony Hawk “endorses” the Tesla car by using it’s safe rear-camera in a way that it wasn’t exactly designed for:

Heck, we even drop some names ourselves on our home page:

How Big Do You Need To Go?

If you have a client that people recognize in the community, who would bring you credibility, and it’s socially appropriate to do so (probably just mentioning “Bob from down the street” wouldn’t be appropriate), then that’s big enough.

For a worldwide brand like Pepsi, you might need a Britney Spears or Beyonce to make any difference to sales. For a small town brand like “Phil’s Website Design”, just showcasing one or two recognizable businesses should be enough to tip the scales in your favour.

Use your insight and intuition to make the call on who you include.

You be the judge.

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