There’s more to an attractive package than making it pretty.

No matter how great a product is, poor packaging is a turn-off. Simply put, customers are drawn to products that look good. Creating an attractive package isn’t the only reason its design is so important. A well-designed package not only communicates the product’s basic information; it also establishes an emotional relationship with the buyer. Buyers attach qualitative traits to a product depending on the appeal of its package. For example, a product’s reliability, quality, usefulness and pragmatic design can be judged by the package alone. Package designs that buyers think appears trustworthy are more likely to sell because they subconsciously assign a qualitative value to the product when the package pushes all the right design ‘buttons’.

Know your competition.

By scrutinizing the size, colour, brand positioning and messaging of competitors’ packaging, you can evaluate how your package with stand out in a competitive context.

Is your brand well defined? What are the key messages the package needs to convey? How can you differentiate your product from the competition? Make sure your package communicates clearly and coherently.

Know your product.

Refine your message.

Avoid packaging faux pas by refining and fine tuning your brand’s message. Simple, clean, and clear designs don’t confuse the buyer, but attract them.