Quick Tip: Use The Google “Change History Report”

 In Adwords

Your Adwords account can become pretty messy as you’re always testing what works and what doesn’t. Keeping track of the changes you’ve made can also be a bit of a nightmare.

Using the Change History Report, you can find out every change that’s been made on your account, who made the change, and when they made it.

To access this report, open up a campaign, or ad group, and then click “View Change History”:


Make sure you set the date range as well.

By analyzing the data in the change history report, you can gain key insights about what changes really made a difference.

Say you have a spike in traffic at one point in time. Was that related to a bid change you made? Or was it just a seasonal thing? The data in the change history report can help you determine what’s going on.

If you have multiple users on your account, this can also be paramount to finding out who made a destructive change that negatively affected your campaign. Google has some thorough documentation on the report too.

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