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2021 Website
Buyer’s Guide

A 10 Chapter Handbook On How NOT To Lose Your Mind & Money

Find answers to the most relevant questions in digital marketing today in our comprehensive business website buyer’s guide.

First and foremost,

thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn about the exciting (and often perplexing) world of digital advertising. A big part of our job is to educate and nurture you through this intimidating universe.

We commit honesty and integrity in everything we do – which starts and ends with how we walk you through this process of discovery.

As a team, we’re always learning and staying abreast of current trends. The moment we learn something new, we immediately pass this education on to you. We believe the more you know, the more informed your decisions are.

Even if you don’t hire us to build your website, it’s our hope that you’ll leave with the basic skills to navigate the world of digital marketing. In the modern age of business, transparency is the only path forward.

As for who we are, we build websites and design marketing strategies for businesses all over the world. We’re proudly located in Chilliwack, B.C. Canada, with deep and abiding roots in the local business community.

If you’d like to know more about us, please take a look at these testimonials from some of our recent clients:

“Glen and Andrew at One Yellow Tree were amazing to deal with during our web design. They have great ideas… They really understood what our business was about and what we were trying to convey to the public.”

Joel Giesbrecht

rescue canada

Star Rating

“Following our initial meeting with Glenn, the team at One Yellow Tree got to work immediately. Ashley’s enthusiasm and energy really kept the project in high gear and ahead of schedule. Her creative ideas turned out to be invaluable.”

Paul Harder

dakeryn industries

Star Rating

“I couldn’t be so proud to work together with a great team at One Yellow Tree. They developed an elegant and brilliant website for Nathan Allan Glass Studios,Canada. In three words: Talented, professional and great people!”


Nathan Allan Glass Studios

Star Rating

“They are able to extrapolate my needs rapidly when I’m too busy to be as clear as I’d like on the changes and updates to my website. It’s rare to find a company that builds websites with such a solid back-bone in marketing and technical experience.”

Andrew J. Winston

Fast Water Media

Star Rating

“My experience with One Yellow Tree has been nothing but exceptional. Their team took the time to really understand the vision I had for my project and then went over all the step needed to bring it to life.”

Matt Scott

valley cross provincial championships

Star Rating

“We have used the services of One Yellow Tree to design our website and help us with changes and training. They have answered all our questions, provided excellent training for new staff and created a website that we are proud of.”


Chilliwack Community Arts Council

Star Rating

read more reviews on Google…

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

How Much Do Websites Cost in 2021?

This section helps you acquire the ability to get a ballpark estimate on the price of your business website.

One of your biggest concerns will be the budget for your website. Let’s dig into the cost of a website in Canada.

Building a website is a little like hiring a sales rep —your site acts as the digital face of your company. It supports your customer base by answering their questions, outlining your products and services, and acting as a hub for online sales activity.

The price of a business website depends on a host of factors including strategy, content and design. Remember:

  • The average cost of a medium-sized business website in 2021 is $16,000.
  • Our clients spent an average of $22,000 for a medium-sized (25 page) Blue Ocean Build website.
  • Prices are directly proportionate to whether or not they offer strategy as a line-item product.
  • Planning Your Business Website Budget

You can break your budget down into the three following areas:

  • Online Strategy
  • Basic Web Build Package
  • Content Marketing

If you’re not sure what these terms mean, think about them like this:

1) Your online strategy is your Global Positioning System (GPS). It shows the driver where they are and the obstacles they will face on the road.

2) Your basic website is the engine which carries your message to its destination. Your message is made up of content and lives on your site. Your destination is paying customers.

3) Content will address your customer’s problems and then offer a solution. That solution is your product or service.

How much does strategy cost?

This depend on the web developer and can range from $3,000-$5,000. Not every web developer offers this, which in our opinion, is a problem.

You don’t technically need a strategy, just like you don’t technically need a map while you’re driving in a city. However, instead of wasting time and gas getting lost, a map can provide a direct and efficient route to your destination. An online strategy offers the same assurance with your marketing–helping you avoid the headache of lost time and money.

How much does a base package cost?

As discussed in our price guide, the cost for a Blue Ocean Build can range from $20,000-$75,000.

How much does content cost?

The cost of creating content for your business website will vary depending on the amount. The average price of a page of content is $975 for graphics and copy. If more graphics or copy is needed, then the cost increases.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Features of a Business Website

This section identifies the many features that go into building your website.

Add the following features to your digital business plan:

Strategy & Planning

2-4 hours of strategy work will help define your ideal customer and craft an appealing marketing message that will help drive toward your revenue goals.

Customer Avatar

With a representation of your ideal customer you’ll learn more about the motivating beliefs, fears and problems which influences their buying decisions.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The USP can be an incredibly important and powerful piece of information. Businesses can revolve around it. They can live and die by it.

30-Second Sales Pitch

Sometimes called the “elevator pitch”, it can be a highly effective tool for communicating your message in a concise and effective way.

Content Marketing Strategy

Form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online; includes regular blog publishing, videos, mega-guides and more.

Lead Magnets

Digital offering, usually in form of downloadable content such as free PDF guide or report, eBook, and video, etc., that incentivizes buyers to offer their email address and and/or other contact information.


Feature added to your lead magnet that automatically responds to emails and follows up at predetermined intervals.

UI/UX Design

Stands for user interface and user experience, these two concepts work closely in tandem to maximize the efficacy of a customer visiting your business website.

20/20 Homepage

The single most important page on your website, this is the main point of navigation.

Services Page

Not just a list of specs and features, this page, when written correctly,  outlines the specific benefits the service will provide for your customer.

Reputation Management

Helps shape and maintain your customers perception of your business and how you can solve their problems; closely aligned with your marketing strategy.


Specialized writing style for marketing and advertising that aims to increase brand awareness and persuade customers to buy your product or service.

Graphic Design

A form of visual communication through typography, illustration and photography.


A symbol or graphic element adopted and used by your business to create a sense of recognition between your customer and your product or service.


Graphic-y things that contain information and a bunch of other shit.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

What Is The Best Bundle For My Business?

Learn about our 3 different website bundles and which one will work best for you.

Here’s a breakdown of 3 potential web bundles (large, medium and DIY). They present how features work together to create an effective digital marketing mix.

The Basic Bay Build

Our Basic Bay Build package at OYT consists of the following:

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  • Limited Strategy & Planning (FREE)
  • Customer Avatar
  • USP
  • Homepage (3-4 sections)
  • All Services (4 sections)
  • Contact Page
  • Thank-you Page
  • Basic SEO

The Blue Ocean Build

Our Blue Ocean Build package at OYT can consist of a variety of the following:

  • Intensive Strategy & Planning
  • Customer Avatar
  • USP
  • Strategy & Planning; define customer persona(s), define market opportunity (GTM), identify competition (SWOT), solutions
  • Design – UI
  • Design – UX
  • Homepage (3-4+ sections)
  • All Services (4-6+ sections)
  • Content Marketing (20+ pages of content)
  • Lead Magnets
  • Autoresponder
  • Reputation Management
  • Custom Content
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo
  • Infographics
  • PPC
  • SEO

The DIY “Bathtub” Build

A DIY build should include:

  • Homepage
  • Services/Product Page(s)
  • About Page and Contact Page
  • Domain and hosting

Let Your Business Take Off! (Boom, boom)

Low Initial Cost

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)

Reasonable Delivery Time

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)

Low Maintenance

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)

Boosted SEO

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)

Sales Hub For Customers

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)


Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)

Cross Platform Compatibility

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)

Great Look and Design

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)

Sales Funnel

Blue Ocean Build (Large)
Bay Build (Medium)
DIY "Bathtub" Build (Small)
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

What Makes A Website Sell?

Ready for a crash course in digital marketing? Learn the basics so you can make the most informed decision possible.

You don’t need a hard-driving sales pitch to get your message across. All you need is to identify your customer’s problems and offer them a viable solution at a competitive price.

The One Yellow Tree Roadmap

1. Right Customers + Proven Sale Channel = Qualified Leads

We’re not reinventing the wheel. Our approach is simple. We locate and target undervalued and underutilized customer segments and then create a pipeline that delivers qualified leads right to you. You spend more time building your business and doing what you do best. We do the rest.

2. The Right Vehicle For A Burgeoning Web Presence

You’re going places. It’s a website, but it’s more than a website. It’s tailored to dynamically respond to your business. We take the time to get to know you and the story behind your business. Once we have a true handle on the problems that need solving…

3. Strategy + Website = Customers
…we can brainstorm solutions and drive them on your website. But the solutions don’t just live online – the solutions are your business as a whole. They’re why people will flock to you for your service or product.

We simply highlight them.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Is Your Business Ready For A Content Marketing Strategy?

This section provides you with an in-depth analysis of business websites. It also shows you how to avoid paying too much, too soon.

A digital strategy starts with an assessment of your business’ presence on the web. Where are you succeeding? Where are you failing? It helps identify problems so that you’ll know exactly how to craft efficient solutions to help drive customers right to your front door.

What Is A Content Strategy?

Content is basically any tangible media that you create for your website and social media presence. It includes:

  • Blogs
  • Service Pages
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • And Much More!

While what you’ve heard is certainly true—content is king—it’s really how you use content that matters. Which means you need a plan. (Have we mentioned plans are good?)

When developing your content strategy, consider some of the following:

  • Who is it for? Who is your audience?
  • What problems will your product/service solve?
  • How is this product/service unique?
  • What channels do you plan on using (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, etc.)
  • What is your publishing schedule?

The Purpose of Content Marketing

Content marketing helps increase conversions by allowing you to connect with—and educate—potential customers. The main factor that increases conversions is trust. When people feel like you have their best interest at heart, they’re more likely to spend money on your product or service.

78% of people prefer learning about your business through articles rather than ads. People believe that if you’re going to take the time to educate them, then you must really believe in what you do… and that enthusiasm filters down.

Prepare and plan to create new leads and sources of web traffic that’s reliable and cost-effective. A single quality blog post or eBook can continue generating leads for you over a long period of time.

Quick Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

  1. Know your goals before your start planning your content.
  2. Research your target audience and find out what they want. What are their problems, and how can you help solve them?
  3. Create a system to manage your content; if you’re planning on publishing often, it’s good to know what’s done and what needs to be done in the future.
  4. Brainstorm and start coming up with content ideas. Do you want to write an eBook (like this eBook you’re reading right now), make a video, or design an infographic?
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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

How A USP Could Save Your Business

The USP was a groundbreaking advertising concept 100 years ago. Guess what? It still works like a charm and here’s why.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

The USP is 1 sentence piece of sales copy that provides a specific solution to a specific customer problem—if you buy this product or service, you’ll receive this specific benefit.

“Unless you’re fortunate enough to be the only player in your industry (say, the only dedicated supplier of lion-taming equipment in North America), you’ll need to differentiate yourself from your competition through your Unique Selling Proposition, or USP.” – Dan Shewan

The purpose of a USP is to act as a wedge between you and the competition. What makes you unique? What makes you, you? It may sound over-simplistic, but you’d be surprised how powerful 1 sentence can be in a consumer’s mind.

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Writing a USP

  1. Is it a specific offer? (Domino’s Pizza’s USP is, “30 minutes or it’s FREE”, now that is specific!)
  2. What are the features of this specific offer? (remember the difference between a feature and a benefit)
  3. What specific benefit does this offer provide the customer?

If you work through the USP problem in that order, you’ll be able to generate a specific offer for the client. It may not be great at first, but something is better than nothing. Keep trying! Remember, this is an iterative process. Continue working on it, and you’ll eventually get there.

USP – Madison Avenue Meets Main Street

Theodore Levitt, a professor at Harvard Business School, wrote in his book The Marketing Imagination that “differentiation is one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage.” A concise USP answers these 4 questions:

  1. How are you unique? In what way are you different from your competitors?
  2. Why should I buy from you, rather than from someone else?
  3. Why should I care at all about you or anything you sell?

The term was coined by Rosser Reeves (Don Draper, the character from Mad Men, was partly based on him). His simple message about USPs was:

  • Your ad has to clearly state, “Buy this product, and you will get this specific benefit.”
  • Your promise has to be one that your competitor cannot or does not offer.
  • Your promise has to win over new customers.

Now with Adwords and Facebook, every web marketer and their dog is in hot pursuit to sell everything from bikini waxes to Croatian wine. Cooking up a USP is no longer the purview of ad-men on Madison Ave.

A smoking USP for a Mom-n-Pop shop on Main Street is just as crucial as any USP written for a multinational corporation.

When you take a sophisticated sales tool like a USP and apply it to a small or medium-sized business, you have a clear competitive advantage over the competition.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

How To Hire A Great Web Developer and Marketing Team

The purpose of this section is to provide you with some tools and insight that will assist you in finding the best web developer for your business.

Hiring the right web development and marketing team can be a challenge, whether you’re a mature organization or your just starting out. And, there is a lot of competing advice out there and some things to watch out for. Here are a few tips to help you hire a marketing team that will make all the difference.

It all comes down to teamwork.

Stop trying to hire the perfect team. It doesn’t exist (just ask Aristotle). Instead, think about the goals you’re trying to accomplish and hire a team that is best suited to reach those goals.

Hire an agency that is going to work with you. Working for you is a no brainer, but if you hire people that think of themselves as partners, you’ll know intuitively that they’ve got your best interest at heart.

Hire people that are curious.

If people are naturally curious, that means they naturally care. They want to know how things work and how to make them better. A great agency will want to know all about your business—whether it’s a rescue training organization or an asbestos removal company—and they’ll want to know how to make it better.

This is the first thing we look for when we hire new people, because we believe if we hire lifelong “students”—no matter what business walks through our door, no matter how obscure—we’ll be able to learn everything we need to know about your individual business in order to create a marketing message that sells.

Strategy and tactics matter.

Strategy is a direction to a clearly defined goal: what you’re going to do; what we do before the battle; for example, “we need traffic to the website”.

Tactic is an action leading to a clearly defined goal: how we do that; what we do during the battle; for example, we’ll use tactics like SEO, Paid Marketing, and Google Local Business Listing to drive traffic.

The biggest mistake we see people make is hiring a web developer because they know about “computery” things and you don’t. Don’t be fooled, just because they can turn on a computer and run WordPress doesn’t mean they’re marketing experts.

Look for someone who’ll take the time to draw up a legitimate digital marketing plan and create a dynamic web presence for your business.

A couple more things to consider.

  • Good communication
  • Transparency
  • Personal service
  • Competitive analysis
  • Good response time
  • Client retention
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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Myths About Digital Marketing

Here’s a list of common misconceptions people have about a web development company.

There are a number of myths and falsehoods swirling around these days about digital marketing and advertising.

All you need is a website

As we like to say around here, a website is not a business card, it’s a salesforce. That means it’s dynamic, engaging and adapting to change. Content that’s relevant today, often won’t be 2-5 years down the road. Static content is unlikely to attract new visitors and is less likely to rank in search results.

I don’t need it because my competitors don’t use it

That’s actually a good thing. That means all those potential customers that are engaged online and taking the digital route to products and services will be ripe for the picking. You can use your competitors’ complacency to give your business an edge.

Targeted content is good content

To create effective content you first need to know your audience. That means you need to research your customer segment and create a message that appeals to them. Quality content attracts higher value leads that are more like to convert.

Only websites with high traffic are successful

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s more about quality than quantity. Bigger companies may get more traffic, however, it’s the volume of that traffic converting into paying customers that’s really important. Digital marketing targets specific customer segments with problems that your business is uniquely qualified to solve.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Marketing Themselves

There are a number of avoidable marketing mistakes out there today including:

Fear of technology (and social media)

Fear of the unknown is healthy if you’re walking alone in the woods, but in business, that fear can paralyze you. Using technology and social media to promote your business can be intimidating, but the trick is to clearly outline achievable goals and identify the right network you’re going to target.

Broad customer targeting

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone. Your product or service may have broad appeal, but marketing is more effective when targeted to a high value, recognizable group.

That way, you can craft a marketing message with language that will appeal to that group. The language you’d use with Millenials is vastly different than the language you’d use to target the Baby-Boomers.

Unable to set yourself apart from competitors

The best way to set yourself apart from competitors is to create an effective unique selling proposition (USP) (see Chapter 6). This is a unique offer from your business that will solve a specific problem for your targeted audience and it all comes packaged in the form of a single sentence.

Setting yourself apart and creating recognition creates an easier path to the door of your business from viable customers.

No marketing plan

Don’t leave the success of your business in the hands of luck. A marketing plan is a plan of action to promote your business. Without a marketing plan your business could be cast adrift in the sea of wasted potential. Don’t assume customers will walk through your door just because you’ve hung out a sign.

Unwilling to try new things

The world is fast-paced and always changing, and running a business is hectic, leaving you to juggle a million different priorities simultaneously. Unfortunately, for those who don’t consider themselves marketing savvy, staying on top of the best practices is tough. Yet it’s necessary, as is keeping in tune with changes.

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Expectations From You

If you decide to partner with us to build your website, there are 2 main things we’ll need from you in order to make the partnership a success.


Whether we’re doing strategy or just need photos for your About Page, we may need you to dig into your vast reservoir of knowledge about your business. You’re the expert, and we’ll need you on-board to pass this information onto our development team.


Since you are the subject matter expert, it’s essential that you set aside time so we can collect information about your business for the website. For a Blue Ocean Build, the time investment is expected to be roughly 3-5 hours on strategy and another 10-15 hours for content development. For a Basic Bay Build, the time is around 3-5 hours total.

Time Input for Business Website

Blue Ocean Build (Large) Basic Bay Build (Medium) DIY “Bathtub” Build (Small)
10-15 hours 3-5 hours 30-35+ hours

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And that, as they say, is that!

Our Buyer’s Guide is concluded! We hope we have provided you with a few tools to make the best decision possible while shopping for your business website. Good luck to you and happy selling!