Your brand is your most valuable asset.

It not only reaches outwards – speaking with customers on your behalf, but also inwards, clearly communicating core values to yourself and your employees. It’s establishing a seamless and crystal clear voice amongst the barrage of online noise, helping you stand out.

A brand’s visual identity is the overall look of its communications. Effective visual brand identity is achieving by specific aesthetical elements in order to create something that’s recognizable and memorable. These elements could be anything from specific fonts, colours, or shapes. The visual component of a brand identity is a distinct mark, or logo.

We work with our clients to define and implement a cohesive brand message throughout their entire business from brand establishment to long-term management. It all starts with a first initial meeting, where we take time to learn about their business, services, customer base, and values. Crafting a brand that will authentically represent a business is more complex than logo with the company name; it’s a shared endeavor. It involves research, brainstorming, and whole lot of teamwork.

Brand identity is a balance between six different and equally important components: physique, personality, culture, relationship, reflection, and self-image. The smooth synthesis of these six key pieces is what drives a strong and compelling brand identity.

Audience Identification

A persona is a figure that is representational of a very specific audience. This is the audience you wish to connect with in order to offer your services or products, and empathy mapping is the first step to building a strategy in how to do so.

Empathy Mapping

Knowing your customers helps you create products your customers will actually buy. Empathy mapping helps pinpoint a person, a perfect customer, by using a theory called minimum viable audience. This idea starts with the customer. It’s not necessarily a real person, but a persona that is developed through an in-depth process called empathy mapping.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a useful framework for analyzing your business. It also helps to simplify your business into bare bones, point form attributes in order to begin building a solid strategy that will address every aspect of your business.

A strong brand identity has the power to generate a loyal customer following.

Look at some large brands that surround you today. Many of them have specific colour combinations that are easily recognizable without you even seeing the logo. A check mark: Nike; and Red and white: Coke. A logo alone can’t accomplish this relationship, there needs to be a dynamic marketing strategy around brand management, and we can help.

We specialize in brand identity and brand management. We can help you revamp that old, dried up logo, or help you reimagine your business from the ground up to create a new one.